Great Cities Start With Great People

cardboard city

When you think of Seattle, you might see start-ups, Amazon, Starbucks and grunge music. Boston is home to some of the finest higher education institutions in the world. The San Francisco area has Silicon Valley—home to tech giants Apple, Google, and Facebook.

But, disturbing statistics in these and other great cities highlight a growing degradation of the very pillars on which these cities were built–its people. Will these trends disrupt the magic that defines these and other cities?

Because it is what and how citizens (not bridges, buildings or transportation) think and read, their travels,values and actions that ultimately define a city–citizens’ habits define a city’s soul.

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Gina is an Content Marketing Manager for a large tech company and a TEDster. She's a mash-up of physics, entrepreneurship and industrial engineering and loves to write about the intersection of business, technology, and humanity. In her spare time, she enjoys organizing TEDx events and delving into quirky technology projects with her preteen son.