What Drives Content Marketing?

Content Mktg

Recently, the world celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Internet. Looking back, the Internet really has come along way. And if we think about it, looking back and forward, devices had and have a lot to do with the Internet’s growth. Podcasting soared in popularity after the iPod emerged. Smart mobile devices brought the Internet to fingertips pretty much anytime and anywhere you needed it. And looking ahead, smart glasses and other wearables promise to leverage the Internet in even more compelling ways. So, hardware moves the Internet forward. Does that mean it also drives content marketing forward?

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Gina is an Content Marketing Manager for a large tech company and a TEDster. She's a mash-up of physics, entrepreneurship and industrial engineering and loves to write about the intersection of business, technology, and humanity. In her spare time, she enjoys organizing TEDx events and delving into quirky technology projects with her preteen son.