What is Cloudhackz

Although originally positioned as a global internet technology blog, Cloudhackz has expanded its content to provide thought-provoking business, technology, and education insights on happenings that are changing our world. The world is changing, and it is going to take more than technology to surmount new challenges facing humanity.


Editor’s Note

Combining physics, entrepreneurship and strategic communications, Gina Clifford’s educational and professional background lends itself to interdisciplinary thinking. She  curates big-picture content that inspires action. As a TEDster and a TEDx organizer, she understands how bringing together big ideas from disparate disciplines ignites creativity and leads to innovation. So, with a nod to all of the big idea people actively changing our world, welcome to the conversation. Want to be a guest author with articles, infographics and insightful videos to share?  Email the editor.


Gina is an Content Marketing Manager for a large tech company and a TEDster. She's a mash-up of physics, entrepreneurship and industrial engineering and loves to write about the intersection of business, technology, and humanity. In her spare time, she enjoys organizing TEDx events and delving into quirky technology projects with her preteen son.

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